Jill Kleinjan

Jill Kleinjan is a Dutch DJ based in Holland. Jill indulged her passion for music from a young age. She has developed her own energetic and surprising style of music. Within her sets she combines deephouse, house and techhouse. She wants to make people dance and have the time of their lives. Jill Kleinjan also found her way as an international DJ. She had the privilege of performing at some of the world’s best clubs in Ibiza, Russia, America, Prague, France, Germany, Belgium, Turkey and Italy. She puts all her creativity and enthusiasm into her music. In her vision music is a way to get people together. ”Music is not what I do, it’s what I am.”

Onze artiesten

Female Fusion Lounge, Dance, Live act,
SingleSounds Allround, DJ,
BoysRBack Allround, Live act,
Jazzalike Allround, Live act, Band,
Online event Lounge, Allround, Dance, DJ, Muzikant, Live act, Band,
Ameezing Allround, DJ,
Fijne Deuntjes Lounge, Allround, DJ,
ACDA Lounge, Dance, DJ,
Hitjeskanon Allround, DJ,
Friso Allround, DJ,
Costar Dance, Muzikant,
Dance Classics Lounge, Dance, Live act,
Q Lounge Lounge, Muzikant,
Pianist Born Lounge, Muzikant,
Mia More Dance, DJ,
Berenice Dance, Muzikant,
GOOD LIFE Dance, Live act,
LACE Lounge, Band,
Andrei Russo Dance, Muzikant,
Robin Elyza Allround, DJ,
Saxofonist Zeth Allround, Muzikant,
Lady K Dance, Muzikant,
SYNQ Dance, Live act,
New Amsterdam Orchestra Allround, Band,
Rave van Fortuin Allround, Live act,
Luxor Allround, DJ,
The Tour Allround, Dance, Band,
Jill Kleinjan Dance, DJ,
Emilie Dance, Muzikant,
Popgunn Allround, Dance, Band,
Touch DJ Lounge, DJ,
Eva Sofia Dance, Muzikant,
Fem K Dance, DJ,
SESSION Allround, Dance, Band,
Pico on Percussion Dance, Muzikant,
Saxsymbol Dance, Muzikant,
Acoustic Cuts Lounge, Band,
Dennis Allround, DJ,
Daniel G, allround DJ, Lounge DJ, Daniel G boeken, Daniel G inhuren, Daniel G prijs, Daniel G tarief, Daniel G kosten
Daan Allround, DJ,
Donald Allround, Muzikant,
Dina Dance, DJ,
Marlyfox Dance, DJ,
Envello Allround, DJ,
This is Beethoven Allround, Dance, Band,
Jazz Bezorgd Lounge, Band,
Ben Rodenburg Dance, Muzikant,
Syben Ray Dance, DJ,
Mobiele DJ Lounge, DJ,
Zangeres Micky Hurts boeken inhuren MC Vocal
Micky Hurts Dance, Muzikant,
Will-M boeken
Will-M Allround, DJ,
Eller van Buuren Dance, Muzikant,
Supercharged Dance, Live act,
Stilo Allround, DJ,
Allround Dj Paul
Paul Prima Allround, DJ,
JazzProviders boeken, inhuren, prijzen, tarieven, beschikbaarheid
Jazz Providers Lounge, Band,
Cookies and Cream Dance, Band,
Bastion Allround, DJ,
Q on Trumpet, Sam Feldt
Q on Trumpet Dance, Muzikant,
Sax Lounge
Sax Lounge Lounge, Muzikant,
Choral Dance, Muzikant,
3D DJ Booth Lounge, Allround, Dance, DJ, Muzikant, Live act,
Techniek boeken Lounge, Allround, Dance, DJ, Muzikant, Live act,



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